Innovative Approach To Improve Your SEO Strategy


Let’s be honest.  Traditionally, getting results from SEO has been difficult.  There’s a lot of contradictory information out there on the web, and search engine algorithms are always changing.  With this post, we hope to shed light on an innovative approach to improve your SEO strategy.

It happened by attending an SEO Class in Kansas City.  At the event, the Kansas City SEO Experts were deliberating about a new way teach SEO in a way that is more understandable for people who aren’t as tech savvy.  From there, the idea for SEO Classes by Kansas City SEO Experts was born.

Now, the entire SEO courses are available for free.  The SEO Kansas City members ensure that the class is up-to-date with all the latest changes going on.  This insight is invaluable for anyone considering developing an SEO strategy on their own.

There is a lot of blog posts on the web about SEO strategy, but rarely do you find a structured approach to apply for your own business.  This innovative approach involves:

  • Youtube
  • Trello
  • SEO Audit Software
  • Meeting in person

When these elements are combined, nearly any business owner can improve their SEO Strategy in a sound way.  Below is one of the videos from this group:

From there, there are several other videos in the SEO Courses.  You can get some insights by attending their events.  What do you think?

Awesome Things You Can Learn From SEO Guarantee Course For Your Next Campaigns


Did you know that your marketing campaigns can actually guarantee you SEO benefits?  This is the type of course marketers have been seeking for years– one that actually works!  We’ll show you how you can learn some awesome things with using some of these techniques from the Launch results-driven campaigns with SEO Guarantee course.

An idea that came from an Kansas City SEO Expert at one of their SEO Kansas City events, transformed into something really awesome– it’s a free SEO Course!  With this course, you can learn what all the big companies are doing to launch results-driven SEO campaigns that bring results.  If you can reverse engineer what competitors are doing, you can gain the edge.  That’s the awesome part!

This SEO course is actually one of several SEO courses by Kansas City SEO Experts.  You can spend a weekend, and go through nearly all the material, but the best part is that these guys are actually willing to meet you (IRL) to help you.  You can check out some of their upcoming events.

Here is a sample from the course:

Can you see how this will help with your new marketing campaigns?  There’s a lot in their courses.

Reasons Why Everyone Is Learning SEO For Growth These Days


Do you ever wonder why it seems like everyone is talking about SEO (search engine optimization) these days?  Could it be that more business owners like to not pay for clicks or that more web users trust organic search results over paid results?  Whatever the reason, it’s clear: there is a growing trend for people wanting to learn SEO for growth purposes.

People are looking for better ways to market themselves online.  When thinking about online marketing, there are many ways to generate interest and sales.  SEO for growth focuses on improving your position in search engines so that you can gain all the demand (aka “search traffic”) for those keywords.

In the past, it was difficult to find a reliable resource for SEO help.  The group, SEO Kansas City, decided to change that.  Together, they put together an actionable SEO for growth course which is available for free.  This course is one of the many free SEO Courses they have prepared.  Below is a video from one of the courses.

Do you believe that you will learn more about SEO for growth with this method or by doing it another route?

Enhance Your Results-driven SEO Skills During Your Lunch Break!


Nowadays, everyone is an expert at something.  Long are the days of “branding yourself”.  Now are the days to put it all together.

When you launch a campaign, you want results.  There are many ways to get web traffic to your website/blog.  Some of the most common ways, include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay per click Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this post, we’ll cover the later.

There are a lot of reasons to create a results-driven SEO Strategy.  It’s becoming more and more popular to being laser-focused with marketing efforts rather than relying on a “scattered approach”.

Recently, the Kansas City SEO Experts launched SEO classes in Kansas City.  Within the course, the Learn Modern Methods for Results-driven SEO Campaigns with Help from SEO Professional became available.  These classes are available to people living in the Kansas City area, though, they are also available to people living beyond the Greater KC Area because they are online courses.

With these courses, you can enhance your SEO skills and grow your business with the knowledge you learn.  Just take a look at one of the videos from the eCourse.

Can you see how these types of SEO courses will help you to enhance your skills?  It all starts with a structured approach.  Hope you gained some value from this free SEO Course!

Improving SEO for you eCommerce Business Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!


When you think of eCommerce success stories, what comes to mind?  Do you see this as a possibility for yourself?  In this post, we’ll cover a unique way to increase your skills with SEO (search engine optimization) so that your eCommerce store can be top of mind for your prospective customers.

There is a new course which is the SEO Course by Kansas City SEO Experts.  Within this new course, they have a few modules for their section, Increase web visits and conversions for your eCommerce Business with Help from The Kansas City SEO Group.  This is where you can increase your knowledge and understanding for how to improve your SEO abilities for your webstore.

This SEO course was idealized and formed by the experts at SEO Kansas City.  Their group helps business owners extract more value from their existing websites– including, ecommerce sites.  By improving your webstore, you’re going to get more customers.  More customers = more cash.

Check out one of the videos from the free SEO Course:

Just from this video, are you excited about the possibilities for your eCommerce store?  There is just too much to dive into within this blog post, but we hope this will help you along your way!

How You Know You’re Increasing Calls And Sales The Right Way


When you’re growing your business, new customers are the life-blood for any business.  Though, there are better ways to increase new customer calls and new sales.  In this post, we’ll share some insight for knowing when you’re doing it right.

When looking for ways to convert more of the sales, you can take some learnings from blogs, like, this one.  But before that happens, you need to attract the right type of people to your business.

With the help of the KC SEO Experts, the free SEO Course, Increase calls and sales for your local business with Help from an SEO Consultant to Develop your SEO Strategy was developed.  Though targeted for local business owners in Kansas City, nearly any business in the USA can benefit from these insights.

Here is a sample video from this course:

You can always develop new products, but can you find customers for those products?  When you improve your skills, you will be among the best!

Showing Up Higher In Search Engines For Buyer-intent Keywords Is Not Rocket Science!


When you want to rank higher for keywords that your customers are using in search engines, you need to show up higher in search results in order to win their business.  Recently, the Kansas City SEO Experts have developed a great SEO training program which focuses on improving your business.

For learning how SEO can enable you to begin to rank higher in search engines, you can check out the Show Up Higher In Search Engines For Buyer-intent Keywords by Understanding SEO eCourse.  It’s a free SEO course, and it’s pretty easy to understand.

By appearing higher in search results, you’re probably going to see tremendous amount of web traffic and new customers.  Backlinko actually has a post about keywords for buyer intent, and it’s a growing trend in the SEO industry.

Here is a quick video sample from the SEO Course by SEO Kansas City:

Brilliant Ways To Grow Your Business With Search Engine Optimization


Are you curious about some new ways to grow your business with SEO?  Well, you’re in luck.  The folks at SEO Kansas City have put together a free SEO course for you to learn SEO — for free– and there’s several interesting tidbits in there to get you going to grow your business organically online!

Here are a sample from the SEO course:

You can learn more about the new eCourses, here.  Let us know what you think of the new courses for Kansas Citians!